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Wedding Videography

Hello and welcome to Malibu Slimm Films’ Production where we specialize in custom wedding video.

I have been filming for over 15 years and I use up to four HD Cameras depending on the venue. Two camera men will always be present and the third and fourth cameras if necessary will be stationary. I give you all of the highlights, I interview close family, Bride and groom , I always get close ups while you are saying your vows and the putting on of rings. In the end you will have a full length documentary style video 1 hr to 90 mn long and a 4 to 7 minute preview highlight video that you can share on social media. Both will be on flash drive along with an 8 x 10 of a highlight of your special day.

I film and edit weddings weekly for clients and I absolutely love what do. My goal is to make this special day something beautiful for you to share with your family and friends for years to come. Your actual wedding ceremony will be in real time as well as the first dance and cake cutting. Also walking the aisle, exchanging vows, putting the rings on, the first dance, activities you may have there at the reception and commentary. I also conduct interviews of Bride and groom.

*6 to 8 hours of coverage , Prices start as low as $125 hr up to $225 hr with a 6 hr minimum. We will put together a package specifically to fit your needs

I am a film Producer, so my approach to every project is that each one has its own fingerprint and I personalize your video to you. I specialize in weddings but I also do many private events, engagement parties, and birthdays. What I love the most is creating! I love the art of the story, no matter how many weddings I do, each one has its own unique story that needs to be told, and I absolutely love creating a visual reality that will last a lifetime.


At Malibu Slimm Films Wedding Video , We make your special moments timeless.

Give me a call:

(You can text me here as well to let me know the best time to call you.)


These are our packages, I would like to speak with you at your earliest convenience so I can get a better idea of your wedding, like the amount of people attending, what art is in door out door is it a day or night ceremony and a few details about your venue, but here is our package information. #2 is the most popular one, and a general run down of what we do. My phone is 1 877 938 8880 if you have any questions, call or text me please.

I offer three packages, they include:


Documentary Style wedding video

We will film your day in its entirety starting with the preparation of the bride and groom and the preparation at the venue, always when it comes time for the actual ceremony, the walking down the aisle, the vows, the putting on of the rings, etc., this portion is filmed in real time with two or three camera angles and a close up on the putting on of the rings and the first kiss.


The other portion that is film real time is the first dance if the bride and groom. We also interview the bride and groom to use as voice over for portions of your video.


Reception interviews

During the reception portion of the event, We go around to different family members and friends and well-wishers with a microphone and get commentary from your family and friends to include in your video, we also get all attendees together in a group to give you an energetic and loving salutation together.


Bride and Groom Scene

Being that Malibu Slimm Films is a film company, we like to create a wonderful scene with the Bride and Groom, to the music of their choice, that highlights their love and to capture the moment commemorating the day.


Bride and Groom photo

We create your Wedding video but also as a perk we will give you one 8x10 framed photo of a portion of your wedding ceremony, usually it will be a photo of the both of you at the altar.

Packages & Pricing

Package 1

  • Full wedding video 60-90 min edited.

  • Wedding photography (900 photos, 6 framed 25 in album all jpeg files placed on flash drive)

  • Preview video (3-7 min)

  • Bride and groom scene

  • 2 camera men



Package 2

  • Full wedding videography raw footage

  • Preview video ( 3-7 min)

  • Bride and groom scene

  • 500 essential photos from event (Pre ceremony, Wedding ceremony, first dance, garter/flower toss/cake cutting) jpeg files placed on flash drive.

  • 2 camera men



Package 3

  • Videography of full wedding/event raw footage

  • Un edited raw footage placed on flash drive

  • Peg files placed on flash drive.

  • Preview video (3-7 min)

  • Bride and groom scene

  • 50 essential photos from event (Wedding ceremony, first dance, garter/flower toss/cake cutting) jpeg files placed on flash drive.

  • Add $75 for every 50 additional photos.

  • 1 camera man




Call now to secure your date

To secure your date there is a non refundable 20% deposit required. The remainder of payment will be required in cash only on the day of wedding after reception.

(You can text me here as well to let me know the best time to call you.) Talk to you soon.

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