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Book your appearance now on the REEL REVIEW!

  • 1 h
  • Online and Remote Available

Service Description

Book your appearance now on the REEL REVIEW! One of the major arms of Malibu slimm films marketing is the REEL REVIEW: Movie Reviews for Independent Black Film. We are featured on Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. Your show will air and be viewed by thousands. This is one of our stronger arms of marketing because it puts you the filmmaker and your film in front of the audience in real time. When you appear on the REEL REVIEW show, you will be interviewed by Malibu Slimm and you will be asked about various things related to your film project. Like the making of it, the cast and crew, your struggles, your favorite moments etc. This interview along with one of the Malibu Slimm promotional skit videos will be put together in a 23 minute video and marketed worldwide on Google. So book your appearance and choose your package and begin your process with us. All packages are free.

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